"The four songs Brown (Sleadd) recorded with her band the Inside Outlaws are filled with mischief, humor and – perhaps most importantly – a rattling sense of emotional honesty."” - Kevin Gibson

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"With the release of the single "Four Letter Word," Sleadd is stepping into a new and more authentic light. After almost a decade without releasing any songs, Sleadd has returned to music with a powerful new tune that arrived with an abstract, dreamlike music video."” - Otis Junior


"Sleadd's new single "Without a Trace" arrived with a cinematic music video that is, at once, beautiful to look at and hard to watch. The growing intensity of the song is supported with great acting, dramatic slow-motion shots, and an elegantly arranged table setting that may or may not fall victim to a Louisville Slugger by the video's end."” - Otis Junior


Sydney Sleadd

Sydney Sleadd


Sydney Sleadd is a singer/songwriter from Louisville, Ky. She has been writing and performing on and off since 2011 and was formerly known as "Alabama Brown" before deciding to switch from a stage name to her real name. She released one EP under Alabama Brown in 2012, and another under Sydney Sleadd in 2016. She recently released 2 new singles and is back in the studio working on a full length album.

Sydney is a self-taught musician who first learned piano as a child and then guitar in her early 20's. She started writing songs in her teen years as a way to process difficult emotions and make sense of the world around her. She has a storytelling style of writing, and her songs range from diary entries to musings about life. Her music is hard to classify in a single genre as she weaves folk, grunge, soul, and outlaw country throughout her discography. She is known for her clever lyrics, unique playing style, and powerhouse vocals. Sydney has been featured in Louisville Music News, on Great Day Live, and Cumberland Country Music. She hosted a "Ladies of Louisville" music in the round at Lettersong for 2 years bringing lesser known local female artists into the spotlight. She has played at many prominent local venues including ZanzaBar, Hard Rock Cafe, the Rudyard Kipling, Odeon, and opened for Lydia Loveless at Uncle Slayton's. She  performed at The Moon and Stars Festival for her second year and recently opened for Australian band "MANE" at The Monarch.

Sydney released two singles with a heavier and dreamier feel and layers of instrumentation. She is now working on a full length Americana/Outlaw Country album. Make sure to follow her on Spotify, IG, FB and other outlets for the release dates!


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